Membership in the A.V.F.B.A.  is open to all Volunteer Firefighters and all Volunteer EMS personnel, from all districts and Fire Protection areas within Northern New York.

Department Memberships

Departments have a few different options if they would like to enroll as members of our Association, and they are as follows:

Department Name Only - $175.00 "Life Membership". This membership does NOT include FASNY membership, but shows support for our association and it's goals.

Departments can also choose to pay for it's Membership either annually ($25.00 per member) or Lifetime ($175.00 per member). These memberships include a paid membership to FASNY.

For Annual and Lifetime memberships applications are available below. 

Our Membership Card!

Below are the Departments that have shown their support for our organization, their "Corporate/Company" names have been granted "Life Membership" status. We thank them for their support!

1. A.E. Phelps Fire & Rescue - Life Member

2. Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Inc - Life Member

3. Chateaugay Fire Company, Inc. - Life Member

4. Constable Volunteer Firemen, Inc - Life Member 

5. Horicon Fire Department, Inc. - Life Member

6. Indian Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc - Life Member

7. Rock City Falls Volunteer Fire Department, Inc - Life Member 

8. Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Co. # 1 - Life Member

9. Wells Volunteer Fire Company - Life Member 

Below are the names of our Annual/Life members. 

Marie Hatem - Trustee 2019-2020

Brian Reepmeyer - Boght Fire

Jack D. Bartlett - Chestertown Fire - Liaison 

Laura Bartlett - Chestertown Fire LA

Jessica MacMillen - Chestertown Fire - Life Member

Joseph Bartlett - Chestertown

Allen Fish - Chestertown Fire

John MacMillen - Chestertown Fire - Life Member

Joseph Slattery - Chestertown Fire

Richard Swan - Life Member

Robert Swan - Chestertown Fire - Life Member - Trustee 2017, 2018

Fred Comstock - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member - Past Trustee 2017

Georgia Gahan - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member -Past Treasurer 2017

Kenneth Hedden Jr. - Garnet Lake Fire - Honorary Life Member

Deborah Heid - Garnet Lake Fire 

Paul Heid - Garnet Lake Fire

George Verfurth - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member - Vice President 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Roger Daby - Horicon Fire - Life Member

John Francisco - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Alyssa Hayes - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Scott Hayes - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Edward W. Jay - Horicon Fire - Formerly - Life Member

Don Butler - James Hill Hook & Ladder

Kathleen Dubay - North Creek Fire

Ralph Dubay - North Creek Fire

Cheri Hayes - North Creek Fire - Life Member -Secretary 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Steven Hayes - North Creek Fire - Trustee 2019-2020

Thomas G. Ordway - North Creek Fire

Mike Turano - Life Member - President 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

William Bibby - North River Fire - Life Member -Trustee 2017, 2018 - Association Chaplin

Thomas Farrell - Putnam Valley Fire

Joel Holden - Queensbury Central Fire

Randy Miller - Riverside Fire

Gary Wilson - Riverside Fire - Liaison 

Phillip Armstrong - Schroon Lake Fire

Wayne Dewey - Schroon Lake Fire - Liaison

Lynn Donaldson - Schroon Lake Fire 

Mark Ellsworth - Schroon Lake Fire

David Feltz - Schroon Lake Fire

Robert Haff - Schroon Lake Fire

Jeffrey Haines - Schroon Lake Fire

Toni Haines - Schroon Lake Fire

Kyle Hayden - Schroon lake Fire

Mark Heller - Schroon Lake Fire

Randall Jacobsen - Schroon Lake Fire

Kevin Lavarnway - Schroon Lake Fire

Timothy Mahler - Schroon Lake Fire

Paul McCann Jr. - Schroon Lake Fire

Lester McCoy - Schroon Lake Fire

John Mingo - Schroon Lake Fire

Shawn Perry - Schroon Lake Fire

Jonathan Ruggles - Schroon Lake Fire

Larry Shiell - Schroon Lake Fire

Daniel Smith - Schroon Lake Fire

Robert Smith - Schroon Lake Fire

Orlando Swinton - Schroon Lake Fire

Alan Wemett - Schroon Lake Fire

Jarred Whitley - Schroon Lake Fire

Paul Williams Jr. - Schroon Lake Fire

John Pomarico - Slater Chemical Fire Company

Randy Berg - SW Johnson Engine # 2 - Wappingers Falls - Life Member

Brian Passaglia - Thurman Fire - Liaison 

Scott Adams - Tupper Lake Fire

Timothy W. Allen Jr. - Tupper Lake Fire

Joe Arsenault - Tupper Lake Fire - Trustee 2018, 2019

Mark Arsenault - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Bailey - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Boudreau - Tupper Lake Fire

Jennifer Bradley - Tupper Lake Fire

John Briaddy - Tupper Lake Fire

Josh Cassell - Tupper Lake Fire

Joshua Clement - Tupper Lake Fire

Terry Clement - Tupper Lake Fire

Royce Cole - Tupper Lake Fire

Joe Cormier - Tupper Lake Fire - Trustee 2019 

Paul Cormier - Tupper Lake Fire

Abby Cowan - Tupper Lake Fire

Nicholas DeGrace - Tupper Lake Fire

Brandon Duchaine - Tupper Lake Fire - Liaison 

Matthew Dukett - Tupper Lake Fire

David Dukette - Tupper Lake Fire

Nick Dukette - Tupper Lake Fire

Bill Fuller - Tupper Lake Fire

Nancy Fuller - Tupper Lake Fire

Ken Gravlin - Tupper Lake Fire

Todd Hall - Tupper Lake Fire

John Lahart - Tupper Lake Fire

Darren LaRocque - Tupper Lake Fire

Gage Madore - Tupper Lake Fire

Jonathan Mandigo _ Tupper Lake Fire

David Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Paul Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Trent Martin - Tupper Lake Fire

Mark Picerno - Tupper Lake Fire

Marc Powers - Tupper Lake Fire

Melissa Perham - Tupper Lake Fire

James Richardson - Tupper Lake Fire

Timothy Robillard - Tupper Lake Fire

Nicholas Rolley - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Rule - Tupper Lake Fire

Richard Rule - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Russell - Tupper Lake Fire

Richard Sabin - Tupper Lake Fire

Scott Shannon - Tupper Lake Fire

Carl Steffan - Tupper Lake Fire

Pat Sullivan - Tupper Lake Fire

Matthew Welch - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Whitman - Tupper Lake Fire

Jason Hull - Warrensburg Fire

Rick Hull - Warrensburg Fire

Theodore R. Little - Warren County Deputy Fire Coordinator - Life Member

Founding Member

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