Membership in the A.V.F.B.A.  is open to all Volunteer Firefighters and all Volunteer EMS personnel, from all districts and Fire Protection areas within Northern New York.

Membership 2018

122 Members, representing

23 Departments, in

9 Counties of New York

Department Memberships

Departments have a few different options if they would like to enroll as members of our Association, and they are as follows:

Department Name Only - $175.00 "Life Membership". This membership does NOT include FASNY membership, but shows support for our association and it's goals.

Departments can also choose to pay for it's Membership either annually ($25.00 per member) or Lifetime ($175.00 per member). These memberships include a paid membership to FASNY.

For Annual and Lifetime memberships applications are available below. 

Our Membership Card!

Below are the Departments that have shown their support for our organization, their "Corporate/Company" names have been granted "Life Membership" status. We thank them for their support!

1. A.E. Phelps Fire & Rescue - Life Member

2. Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Inc - Life Member

3. Chateaugay Fire Company, Inc. - Life Member

4. Constable Volunteer Firemen, Inc - Life Member 

5. Horicon Fire Department, Inc. - Life Member

6. Indian Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc - Life Member

7. Rock City Falls Volunteer Fire Department, Inc - Life Member 

8. Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Co. # 1 - Life Member

9. Wells Volunteer Fire Company - Life Member 

Below are the names of our 2018 Annual/Life members. 

Marie Hatem - Trustee 2019

Dezore' Cleveland - Trustee 2019

Brian Reepmeyer - Boght Fire

Jack D. Bartlett - Chestertown Fire - Liaison 

Laura Bartlett - Chestertown Fire LA

Jessica MacMillen - Chestertown Fire - Life Member

Joseph Bartlett - Chestertown

Allen Fish - Chestertown Fire

John MacMillen - Chestertown Fire - Life Member

Joseph Slattery - Chestertown Fire

Richard Swan - Life Member

Robert Swan - Chestertown Fire - Life Member - Trustee 2017, 2018

Fred Comstock - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member - Past Trustee 2017

Pete Gadway - Garnet Lake Fire

Georgia Gahan - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member -Past Treasurer 2017

Kenneth Hedden Jr. - Garnet Lake Fire

Deborah Heid - Garnet Lake Fire 

George Verfurth - Garnet Lake Fire - Life Member - Vice President 2017, 2018, 2019

Roger Daby - Horicon Fire - Life Member

John Francisco - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Alyssa Hayes - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Scott Hayes - Horicon Fire - Life Member

Edward W. Jay - Horicon Fire - Formerly - Life Member

Don Butler - James Hill Hook & Ladder

Kathleen Dubay - North Creek Fire

Ralph Dubay - North Creek Fire

Cheri Hayes - North Creek Fire - Life Member -Secretary 2017, 2018, 2019

Steven Hayes - North Creek Fire

Thomas G. Ordway - North Creek Fire

Mike Turano - Life Member - President 2017, 2018, 2019

William Bibby - North River Fire - Life Member -Trustee 2017, 2018 - Association Chaplin

Thomas Farrell - Putnam Valley Fire

Joel Holden - Queensbury Central Fire

Randy Miller - Riverside Fire

Gary Wilson - Riverside Fire - Liaison 

Phillip Armstrong - Schroon Lake Fire

Wayne Dewey - Schroon Lake Fire - Liaison

Lynn Donaldson - Schroon Lake Fire 

Mark Ellsworth - Schroon Lake Fire

David Feltz - Schroon Lake Fire

Robert Haff - Schroon Lake Fire

Jeffrey Haines - Schroon Lake Fire

Toni Haines - Schroon Lake Fire

Kyle Hayden - Schroon lake Fire

Mark Heller - Schroon Lake Fire

Randall Jacobsen - Schroon Lake Fire

Kevin Lavarnway - Schroon Lake Fire

Timothy Mahler - Schroon Lake Fire

Paul McCann Jr. - Schroon Lake Fire

Lester McCoy - Schroon Lake Fire

John Mingo - Schroon Lake Fire

Shawn Perry - Schroon Lake Fire

Jonathan Ruggles - Schroon Lake Fire

Larry Shiell - Schroon Lake Fire

Daniel Smith - Schroon Lake Fire

Robert Smith - Schroon Lake Fire

Orlando Swinton - Schroon Lake Fire

Alan Wemett - Schroon Lake Fire

Jarred Whitley - Schroon Lake Fire

Paul Williams Jr. - Schroon Lake Fire

John Pomarico - Slater Chemical Fire Company

Randy Berg - SW Johnson Engine # 2 - Wappingers Falls - Life Member

Brian Passaglia - Thurman Fire - Liaison 

Scott Adams - Tupper Lake Fire

Timothy W. Allen Jr. - Tupper Lake Fire

Joe Arsenault - Tupper Lake Fire - Trustee 2018, 2019

Mark Arsenault - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Bailey - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Boudreau - Tupper Lake Fire

Jennifer Bradley - Tupper Lake Fire

John Briaddy - Tupper Lake Fire

Josh Cassell - Tupper Lake Fire

Joshua Clement - Tupper Lake Fire

Terry Clement - Tupper Lake Fire

Royce Cole - Tupper Lake Fire

Joe Cormier - Tupper Lake Fire - Trustee 2019 

Paul Cormier - Tupper Lake Fire

Abby Cowan - Tupper Lake Fire

Nicholas DeGrace - Tupper Lake Fire

Brandon Duchaine - Tupper Lake Fire - Liaison 

Matthew Dukett - Tupper Lake Fire

David Dukette - Tupper Lake Fire

Nick Dukette - Tupper Lake Fire

Bill Fuller - Tupper Lake Fire

Nancy Fuller - Tupper Lake Fire

Ken Gravlin - Tupper Lake Fire

Todd Hall - Tupper Lake Fire

John Lahart - Tupper Lake Fire

Darren LaRocque - Tupper Lake Fire

Gage Madore - Tupper Lake Fire

Jonathan Mandigo _ Tupper Lake Fire

David Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Paul Maroun - Tupper Lake Fire

Trent Martin - Tupper Lake Fire

Mark Picerno - Tupper Lake Fire

Marc Powers - Tupper Lake Fire

Melissa Perham - Tupper Lake Fire

James Richardson - Tupper Lake Fire

Timothy Robillard - Tupper Lake Fire

Nicholas Rolley - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Rule - Tupper Lake Fire

Richard Rule - Tupper Lake Fire

Mike Russell - Tupper Lake Fire

Richard Sabin - Tupper Lake Fire

Scott Shannon - Tupper Lake Fire

Carl Steffan - Tupper Lake Fire

Pat Sullivan - Tupper Lake Fire

Matthew Welch - Tupper Lake Fire

Matt Whitman - Tupper Lake Fire

Jason Hull - Warrensburg Fire

Rick Hull - Warrensburg Fire

Theodore R. Little - Warren County Deputy Fire Coordinator - Life Member

Founding Member

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