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Flames through the roof, never a good sign,

Lives in danger, including my buddies and mine.

Geared up to the hilt we’re through the front door,

Feeling our way to make sure there’s a floor.

Hose line in hand we advance room to room,

Unaware of the dangers that could possibly loom.

Hearing the crackling of wood, the house is pitch black,

I’ve got my brothers behind me, they’ve got my back.

The heat is intense in this fiery hell,

Things just went south, the roof has now fell.

Trapped in the rubble our yells are all mumbled,

A situation like this you become very quickly humbled.

Units still arriving, our lives at their will,

Pass alarms now ringing as we all lay there still.

“They’ll be able to find us”, a thought without doubt,

Radio goes off, “knock that fire down and get our guys out”!

A mind starts to wander about the life you have had,

You think about your family, the good and the bad.

You hope that the love that you gave could be enough,

For a lifetime of memories, without you it’ll be rough.

Flashback to reality, hearing our names being called,

Our brothers are coming through the exterior walls.

They’re determined to find us; they won’t leave us behind,

The oath of a firefighter etched deep in my mind.

They’ve breached through the walls, from outside a light,

The fires knocked down and we’ve all won this fight.

I will always remember this day in my life,

I was able to go home, kiss my kids and my wife.

The day is now done an no one did fall,

We’ll be there tomorrow to answer the call! 



                             Michael A. Turano

                             February 21, 2013



                    Be Safe my Brothers and Sisters!

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