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Our Mission, and we've chosen to accept it !

Our mission is simple, help our members, who are Volunteer 1st Responders, when they need it the most! How many times have we organized fundraisers for our friends? How many Volunteer 1st Responders do you know that could have used "some help" at some point in their lives? We all have had those times where it seems like there's no where to turn, and it's a feeling that we don't want to experience again. Our sole objective is to not only hear the calls for help, but to answer them! Once we are operational,  which should be in the very near future, we will help in any way possible to help a fellow Volunteer regain their composer as some of the burden is lifted. We are not a solve all Association, although we'd like to be, but we will be a small beacon of hope when the dark clouds roll in.

There are many Benevolent Associations across New York State, and those organizations provide a invaluable service to Volunteer 1st Respnders. When the worst of possible situations arise, such as loss of employment, injury, health problems and even death, these organizations step in and ease the burden as much as they can.  

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