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One Group, One Goal!​

Formed on April 4, 2017, a small group had a vision to be able to assist our fellow Volunteer 1st Responders in their time of financial hardship. Our goal, through membership dues and donations, is to be able shine a little light on the dark situations that occur in ones lives. Our group has over 150 years of combined Volunteer Service to their communities, and have played many roles throughout their careers. It is with that combination of experience and dedication, I proudly offer you our Board of Directors.

President - Mike Turano

Mike is a 25 year member of the Volunteer Fire Service, Past President of the Garnet Lake Volunteer Fire Company, past President and past Commissioner of the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company. He also is a Life and Founding member of the AVFBA.

Vice President - George Verfurth

George is currently President, and active, in the Garnet Lake Volunteer Fire Company. He also is a Life and Founding member of the AVFBA.

Secretary - Cheri Hayes

Cheri is a long time associate with the North Creek Volunteer Fire Company. She also is a Life and Founding member of the AVFBA.

Treasurer - Cheri Hayes
Trustee - Joseph Arsenault

Joe is a 14 year member, and current 2nd Assistant Chief, of the Tupper lake Volunteer Fire Department. He is a new member of the Franklin County cause and origin team, and a part time sales apparatus for Garrison Fire and Rescue.

Trustee - Steven Hayes
Joe Cormier.jpg
Trustee - Joe Cormier Jr.
Trustee - Marie Hatem

Marie is a Civilian Trustee and a local Business owner.

Chaplin -  William "Bill" Bibby

Bill is a 48 year member of the North River Volunteer Fire Company, and is the Chaplin for the association. He is also a Life and Founding member of the AVFBA. Bill currently holds the position of Association Chaplin.

Past Association Trustees

Fred Comstock 2017

William Bibby 2017-2018

Robert Swan 2017-2018

Dezore' Cleveland 2019

***The Board of Directors receives no compensation for their roles, it's strictly Volunteer only !

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