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North Country Fire news

TWO AVFBA Members receive "Firefighter of the Year"!

Chestertown Banquet 1.jpg

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company held it's Annual Banquet on The Lac du Saint Sacrement on Beautiful Lake George. Pictured, left to right, is Chief Daren Harvey, 1st Lieutenant Robert Stephens, 1st Assistant Chief Josh Kennedy, Firefighter Jessica Clark-Baker, 2nd Lieutenant John MacMillen, Firefighter, and current President Robert Swan, 2nd Assistant Chief Frank Erickson, Past Chief Jack Crossman and  Past Chief, and current Captain, Ralph Bartlett.

Firefighters Jessica Clark-Baker and Bob Swan we honored with sharing the department's "Firefighter of the Year" award this year.  Jessica is a Life member of the AVFBA, and Bob is a Founding member, Past Trustee, and also a Life member of the AVFBA! We couldn't be more proud to have them as friends, and as members! Congratulations to you both!

Bob and Jessica.jpg
Bob Swan and Jessica Baker.jpg

It was an honor for our association to be invited to Chestertown's Annual Banquet. It was even more of an honor to witness TWO of our AVFBA members receive "Firefighter of the Year"! Two great people, sharing of of the highest honors possible, is well deserved! 

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