Parade Season is here!

With parade season kicking off on Memorial Day, the one thing that comes to mind is keeping your apparatus looking it's very best! One of our supporters, Paul's Distributors, located at 139 E. Merrick Road in Freeport, has everything you need to keep those trucks from getting those unwanted gigs during parades. From washes to waxes, chrome cleaners and sponges, Paul's has everything in between! Drive past those judges without them making a mark on their clipboard!

         You can visit Paul's Distributors in person, or by going to

         All Firefighters recieve a 5% discount when using the code


Don't get to Freeport too much? No worries! Paul's can ship most products directly to you, or your firehouse! 

For the COMPLETE line of products available from Paul's Distributors, you can also visit 

** Discount cannot be applied through this website.

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